ABOUT The Wesleyan Center at Denton

The Wesleyan Center at Denton includes several vibrant ministries.

Our campus is located on eighty beautifully appointed acres surrounding a scenic lake and peaceful walking paths.

We are in the heart of Maryland's lovely Eastern Shore. As you explore our website, you will discover this is a wonderful place where children and families participate in summer camps and neighborly seniors enjoy the benefits of retirement living.

“Living among others isn’t an easy adjustment to make late in life, but the atmosphere created here is one that brings a sense of belonging and comfort.” - John, Resident Heritage Community

On our campus, you will be surrounded by caring and compassionate neighbors, staff and friends. For each season of life, the Wesleyan Center is here to keep your life simple and enriched.

Please visit us today and see why "Life is in Full Bloom" at the Wesleyan Center at Denton!

The Wesleyan Center at Denton includes:

Heritage Community
(Independent Living)


Homestead Manor
(Assisted Living)


Chesapeake Camp
& Conference Center


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